meet Jacqueline Aurelia Hrisca, better known as Lolly

Lolly’s parents came to the US from Romania, one as a stowaway on a ship escaping turmoil. She grew up in Michigan, and helped her mother run a resturant and neighborhood grocery store.

She’s also my grandma, and the inspiration behind this whole thing.

One of my earliest memories is learning how to crochet with my grandma. She taught me how to make so many things, fueling my creative tendencies and my love of objects. When I came in from the creek, she taught me to crochet and knit and sew—then I taught other people and made tiny things to give to everyone.

My grandpa (on the other side of my family) was an artist. Poppy Tom was a constant proof that you could be creative, and make art, and make a living. I would never have tried to make things without his example. He took us to a cabin in Michigan every year and I dug clay from the bottom of the lake and made tiny sun-dried pots. Working with clay now transports me to those moments.

This project is a dedication to and collaboration with them.